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LOVE out LOUD - Praise in the parking- lot

An highly anticipated event:

“Love Out Loud – Praise in the Parking Lot”

August 31, 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Northwest corner of Walnut and Charles Street

What does it mean for believers to come together in unity and love their city well?

This event aims to visibly demonstrate love and unity among Christians in Delaware County – citizens, politicians, police officers, business owners, and other community leaders – and explore how the Kingdom can be unified in our community through music, dance, art, and drama. 

I R.O.C. Ministries – a Muncie non-profit organization with a mission to use music, art, dance, drama, and creative writing to inspire spiritual wellness and bridge gaps between the church and the community.

Please consider offering your time, talents and or resources to this event. We are looking to feature and showcase the following;

Musical performances, combined with art and dance 

Community leaders, residents, officers, or politicians sharing what it means for believers to love their community well in unity.

Prayer for Muncie/Delaware County

4-5 faith-based vendors

If you are interested, feel free to contact G. Michael Huggins, at or give us a call at 765-205-3901 and one of our associates will gladly assist you.

We at I R.O.C Ministries appreciate your time and consideration. God bless!

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