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Min. G. Michael Huggins

Minister G. Michael Huggins is a native of Muncie, Indiana. He is a minister and associate Praise and Worship leader at Christ Temple Global Ministries, located here in Muncie. He has been passionate about the arts and music ministry from a young age. Min. Huggins is a singer/songwriter, who is also a skilled musician. Being well-versed in percussion, piano and guitar, he is dedicated to bringing heavenly sounds to earth. In 2011, he graduated from Vincennes University with a degree in Audio Recording/ Music Production.

Min. Huggins is the CEO and founder of I R.O.C. Ministries, Inc. "Our mission is to use music, art, dance, drama and creative writing in faith-based expression. Our goal is to inspire spiritual wellness in the participants, teach, build and bridge gaps between the church and the community by partnering with churches, educational programs and individuals that are like-minded in making this vision possible."

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