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Our mission is to use faith-based Arts to promote the love of God in our communities. We seek to unite with local churches, educational programs, organizations, businesses, and individuals to ultimately inspire hope, peace, and love through the Arts, in our community.

- i R.O.C. Ministries -

This organization is divided up into two main departments. At the core, is our Faith Arts Initiative. This department, our mission is to use faith-based music, art, dance, drama, and creative media, to uplift our community. Our goal is to inspire spiritual wellness in the participants, teach, build and bridge gaps between the church and the community. By partnering with churches, educational programs, businesses and individuals that are like-minded, we hope to make this vision possible.

The more growing aspect of our organization is our community outreach department. We call this the #LOVEoutLOUD initiative. We do hot meals, clothing giveaways, backpack giveaways, violence prevention events, and more. This department seeks to spread the LOVE of God, any and every way possible. ​

the 1st

love out loud


Indianapolis, in

Valentine's Day hot meal give-a-way

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